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There are numerous instances of garage door failures that homeowners face. The failure may be attributed to reasons such as garage door spring failure or garage door opener failure or more. Whatever the reason be, garage door failure causes a lot of inconvenience to homeowners, causing a lot of work to come to a standstill. However, inconvenience is not the only thing customers have to face because garage door failures also come with the risk of injury or death to the operator or bystanders, in case the garage door snaps while it was still or in motion. To avoid such situations, it is advisable that one must get a garage door spring replacement and other components checked on a regular basis.

Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Need Regular maintenance and check up

A Garage door spring can fail due to a variety of reasons, non-maintenance being one of the major ones. Non maintenance leads to added stress on garage door springs causing more wear and tear than they usually do, thereby reducing the operating life also. This is the reason why we, at Garage Door spring repair Services Newport Beach – California recommend our customers to go for regular maintenance check-ups of their garage door springs and other components. For customers, who like to follow the DIY garage door spring repair manual, our advice is that Garage Doors are extremely heavy and therefore any negligence or lack of knowledge may lead to a big lapse causing injury or even death to the person repairing it. Homeowners must, therefore, drop the idea of garage door spring adjustment they undertake themselves, and instead engage the services of a professional specialized in garage door jobs.

What do we Offer?

At Garage Door Repair Newport Beach – California, we provide maintenance, repairs and replacement of all types of garage doors torsion springs and garage door extension springs. Be it an garage door extension spring that opens with the extension of springs, or be it the torsion spring that uses torque to raise the garage; our team of certified technicians is experienced enough to handle any garage door job, no matter how complex it is.

Why Us?

Garage Door Repair Newport Beach – California is a name to reckon with in the Garage door industry. We are known for delivering top notch services like garage door spring repair services etc at cost effective rates, making us the first choice of local customers in Newport Beach – California area.

Our team of certified technicians comprises of garage door repair experts with vast knowledge and years of experience in the garage door services domain. Yet, we are one of the most affordable garage door repair service providers in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

One of the main benefits by getting a garage door spring replacement through us is that we provide a life time warranty on our springs, unlike other garage door repair companies that provide only a limited period warranty on their garage door springs,

 At Your Service: 24/7 and 365 days a year

No matter what time of the day it is, whether early morning or late night, we can be contacted for any garage door related issue that you may be facing. In case you contact us on a holiday or weekend, do not worry about paying any premium charges because our charges are fixed irrespective of the day and time. In case of any emergency you can call us up and inform us of the issue you are facing and we will arrange a technician to visit you at the earliest. Even if it’s not an emergency we make it a point to resolve our issues within 24 hours of receiving a service request from our customers.

Our Commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is 100% satisfaction of our customers. Our technicians are well experienced and have dealt with several complex jobs in the past. There would be hardly any issue that our technicians would not be able to resolve in the first go. In fact they carry all the required equipment to make sure that the issue is resolved in the first instance itself. Before the technicians leave they will carry out the necessary tests to ensure your garage door works fine. They will also give a demo that will show your garage door has been rightly installed. Our technicians make sure that all the mess that was created at the time of garage door spring repair, or any other service for which you hired us, is cleaned up before they leave your place.

Have an Issue? Then Call Us

To book an appointment call us at our toll free no.(714) 482-6266) and one of our service representatives will take down your request. We will then arrange a technician to call you within three hours to confirm your appointment and availability. Our technician would then visit you at the given time and help you resolve your issue at the earliest.